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Contact Center Connections - Workspace Monitoring & Response Sponsored by Trendzact

  • 05 Nov 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Virtual via Zoom

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Contact Center Connections

Workspace Monitoring & Response

Virtual Event 

Join Contact Center Nation for an engaging experience where we will facilitate a lively industry discussion. We will host a diverse group of Contact Center leaders and talk about daily challenges in the new normal. Our guided conversation will take you through new ways to look at a variety of topics. This week we will discuss Workspace Monitoring & Response, WMR. The conversation and virtual event will be hosted by Trendzact.

Worldwide, the compliance perimeters have expanded to every new WFA home office (or coffee shop).  Each remote location is now a potential sensitive data extraction point and subject to compliance regulations & agency restrictions So today, we are focusing on the exponential growth of “work from anywhere” and risk mitigation methods. 

Let’s start by defining the “Workspace” which is the modern equivalent of the workstation and now any area where work is performed.  This is different than “workplace” where you go to work (“space” vs “place”).  "Workspace" and "workplace" are often used interchangeably but they’ve come to represent distinct concepts as the pandemic & technological advances have created new possibilities for where and how work happens.  

What was once protected by the on-site facility and call center management and IT team, is no longer possible when you place the user in an unknown or uncontrolled environment.  Last year, $128 billion was spent in “endpoint security tools”.  Unfortunately, traditional methods for maintaining compliance absolutely fail to protect (or even address) the work-from-anywhere user negligence or purposeful data extraction threats.   

No organization wants to experience a security problem that would wreak havoc on their businesses. However, cyber breaches and security threats cannot be wished away, and would always be a part of running a business that uses technology in any way.  Nevertheless, they can be tackled successfully, reducing their potential impact and limiting the possibility of them occurring again. 

Work from Anywhere workspace compliance threats include  Cell phone video/audio recording, texting, manual transcriptions, vocalizing, location spoofing and identity impersonation.  We will discuss all of these security challenges presented by the new normal and identify what should be on your radar moving forward.

Registration is available until November 4. You must be registered in order to receive the log in credentials. Registration is complimentary for Contact Center Nation members and guests.

For more details, contact Valerie McSorley at valerie@contactcenternation.com or at 617.935.9040.

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