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    • 10 Dec 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EST)
    • Virtual Event via Zoom

    Don't Wig Out! | The Invisible Channels of Customer Service and Why They are Important Right Now

    Wear Your Best Wig! Prizes will be announced.

    Join us for an interactive roundtable discussion on the invisible channels of customer service and why they are important with Jessica Voss & Steve Newell, Country Managers with Cirrus Response, Learn to uncover neglected customer service channels, improve your customer experience footprint and grow your brands image.

    Did you a catch the shift in Social Communications this year due to COVID-19?

    We'll discuss your omnichannel approach in the contact center and the way channels have shifted more and more to online Social Sites including: Instagram, Youtube, Apple Playstore Review, Google Playstore Review, and Google MyBusiness. How will these social communication areas impact your business? Let's find out.

    Event Sponsored by Cirrus Response

    Unlike a lot of "boxed" solutions providers who can only sell their CCaaS platform as a whole, Cirrus is a provider of bespoke or customized solutions designed around solving for company's business and customer outcomes. We have a modular approach and nearly all of the solutions we've built can be sold as a stand-alone, can overlay on other systems or can be custom packaged as an Omni CCaaS platform. Clients include Virgin, Clark's Shoes, Tesla, Allica Bank, Buckingham Palace and multiple BPOs. Some of the solutions we provide include:

    Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions - Unified Omni solution for voice, chat, email, sms, messengers, video, social and more. More channels and reach than anyone else in the industry. In addition, we essentially copied the UI/UX that Apple and Android use so our Omni is easy. Once an agent learns one channel, they've learned them all.

    Omni Overlay - different components of our Omni can be overlayed on other solutions. For example, a company may have a year left on their contract with an Avaya contact center solution for voice and they want to add Chat and Email but don't want to spend the big money it would cost with Avaya or to renew/extend their contract. They can overlay Cirrus on their Avaya, with a Presence integration, and we can add the Chat and Email.

    Link Pay+ Omnichannel PCI Payment Solution - No set-up, no licenses, no monthly fees, just a low cost per transaction. Especially popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began because it works so well for At-Home agents.

    Conversational AI - Cirrus CAI is the world’s first TRUE artificial intelligence. CAI sits on your client's website and actively assists customers. CAI is not a bot. One of our customers had an increase in profit of 27% after two months of using CAI. Another says CAI is the best salesperson.

    Workforce Management (WFM) - Cirrus WFM has the most powerful forecasting tool on the market – working across all customer contact channels including telephony (inbound and outbound), chat, e-mail and social media.

    Visual IVR and much more.

    For more information, visit cirrusresponse.com/us 

    • 17 Dec 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EST)
    • Virtual via Zoom

     “Work From Home: Powered by Knowledge”

    Join Contact Center Nation for our weekly Contact Center Connections Roundtable Discussion. Our final event for 2020 is centered on a topic we have all wrestled with during the pandemic, remote work. This week we will be featuring "Work From Home: Powered by Knowledge" Sponsored by Panviva.

    The event will feature a case study from Salem Five as well as a series of break out discussion groups and industry networking. Attendees will have their choice of three discussion groups:

    • Powering Your Remote Onboarding & Training
    • Powering Your Employee Engagement & Morale Remotely
    • Powering Your Management Remotely

    Bring your questions and get ready to learn and have some fun as we close out the year. We hope you will make plans to join us.

    Event Sponsored by Panviva

    Panviva is a cloud knowledge management system used by organizations to quickly access critical information and improve employee efficiency, contributing to overall business growth and productivity. Panviva combines a proven methodology with its cloud-based software ensuring employees are delivered the information they need, the moment they need it. It is the perfect solution for customer support, billing, sales, training and supply chain management departments.

    Panviva’s real-time navigation guides workers through complex policies, procedures, and systems, dramatically improving accuracy while simultaneously cutting costs and training times. The solution can be up and running in less time than other traditional knowledge management systems and allows workers to instantly find information, not endlessly search for it.

    Panviva doesn’t replace existing enterprise software and business processes – rather it adds greater value to these systems by allowing staff to work with them in a more efficient and productive manner. As a result, Panviva reduces training and time to competence, increases throughput and accuracy, increases employee engagement, and ultimately improves the customer experience.

    For more information, visit panviva.com

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